Top 3 Canada Work Permit Jobs of 2020

Growth, diversity and economic success is a phenomenon being experienced in Canada owing to the influx of immigrants, who with their expertise, knowledge and skills have made their place in the foreign jobs market of Canada within a short span of time. And, when unemployment is at 5.83 percent, there is no need to worry for migrants who are seeking for greener pastures when it comes to being able to find the best employment opportunities or finding a high-quality standard of living. After all, Canada is mainly a service sector driven country, experiencing shortage of highly skilled labor in their workforce. canada pr process

With a surge in employment numbers to 54,000 in the month of September, there is no dearth of Canadian employers willing to hire talented global talent who with their work experience add a lot of innovation, ingenuity and efficiency in to work they do. One very positive impact of immigration has been the willingness and adaptability that immigrants show in getting the work done, that majority of the local born reject. Without immigration there will be no balance in the economic ecosystem, leading to an eventual imbalance.

Now getting a job in Canada is easier with work permit granted to students as well as skilled professionals who have a job offer from a licensed Canadian employer. For this there are two types of work permit namely the Employer specific work permit that lets you start working in Canada based on the condition that whether you can state the name of the particular employer you can work for, the duration of your work as well as if application the location where it is suitable for you to work.

And then there is the open work permit that lets you work for any Canadian employer except for the employers who are ineligible on the list of employers who have failed to adhere to certain conditions or regularly offer striptease, erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages.

Here are the Top 3 Canada Work permit jobs immigrants can apply in 2020:

1. Registered Nurse

Since there is a majority of elderly population in Canada there is a sudden boom in the healthcare industry requiring caregivers. Which is why there is a surge in requirement for registered nurses as one of most in-demand professions in the country. All you need is a bachelor’s degree and registration with the local regulatory authority in an occupation with total job openings reaching to 139,700.

2. Truck Driver

Enormity of Canada in terms of area makes it a task to deliver goods on a long distance. Due to this there is a huge need of truck drivers without whose hard work and dedications, goods will not be able to be delivered.

3. College or Vocational Instructor

If you are interested in working as a college or business instructor in Canada, you will be happy to know that your job outlook for your business in Canada is extremely positive. There is a high requirement in Canada for individuals who hold a certain experience in the fields of teaching at the college or vocational level, with a shortage of as much as 6,000 workers.

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