Medical Tourism – A Preferred Option

Medical tourism, as an industry is popular due to the degree of convenience and affordability offered by the countries offering such services. In the United States the waiting period for a hip replacement surgery can be more than a year or so whereas the same procedure can be conducted in India, a day after arrival. The healthcare delivery costs at destinations like India, Thailand, Singapore etc are far economical than the United States. Most medical procedures are conducted at one-tenth of the cost in the United States. For instance a heart-valve replacement costing more that $200000 in the U.S can be done for $10000 in India. What to do at sentosa singapore 

The standard of medical care provided in these countries is truly world class. The hospitals are accredited by international accreditation bodies, like Joint Commission International (JCI) and employ best practices that match up to the international standards. The doctors are well qualified and a vast majority of the doctors have clinical experience of working in the West. Apart from these, the patients enjoy five-star comforts in their hospital rooms, with facilities like a personal dietitian and interpreter; the hospitals offer an array of choices from an international menu of food and beverages.

With all these facilities on offer, the medical tourism industry is all set to become the next big thing in the healthcare sector. The recent trend predicts the size of this industry to touch $2 billion by the year 2012 in India alone. Other destinations like Singapore, Thailand and Cuba are also expected to attract a large number of medical tourists in the years to come. Quality treatment at affordable rates, comfortable stay and convenience has made medical tourism a sought after option by the patients.


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